Roobicks: Escape The Basement

By | June 19, 2020

by Roobicks (website)

£15.00 $20.00

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You are on your way to an open house at a rustic country cottage, but arrive to find the house in shambles. You can't help having have a look downstairs...but then you hear the door close and lock behind you. There’s an elevator with a keypad, but you need a code. To find it, you must follow the trail of clues puzzles, solving puzzles along the way. Can you be the first team to open the elevator and escape?
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If you want to find out who has the best escape room team amongst your friends then this is the game for you! Well hosted, fun puzzles, and the competitive aspect adds something extra

The puzzles in this room were great fun and really well thought out, particularly the more time consuming, trickier challenges. Our GM led the experience brilliantly, setting up the theme well and guiding us through the story as we went. It wasn’t the most challenging of experiences, but it was still very enjoyable and I’m really looking forward to Roobicks’s future offering of a game aimed at enthusiasts with a higher difficulty level – we can’t wait to try that out!

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