The Hidden Hour Online: Flight 9032

By | May 29, 2020

by The Hidden Hour Online (website)

Team of 2: £3.00 ₹298.00
Team of 4: £6.00 ₹596.00
Team of 6: £9.00 ₹894.00

Breaking News!!! A business tycoon has met a fatal death in Flight 9032. Pilot did an emergency landing from an altitude of 40,000 ft.
Will your team of Agents in Action be able to save the world?
You are a well known detective, called to uncover the evidence to convict the killer. Was this the work of a frustrated employee, a competitor, or someone else who wanted to settle the score? The murder mystery must be solved at once!
Wear your Sherlock hat and solve the case of the high profile murder. As you enter the crime scene, you realize it won't be easy. Can you do it?
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