Unity Escape Rooms: Kitchen Nightmare

By | May 23, 2020

by Unity Escape Rooms (website)

11810 Sebastian Way #101, Rancho Cucamgonga, CA 91737

Rancho Cucamonga

Team of 2: £46.00 $60.00
Team of 4: £62.00 $80.00
Team of 6: £77.00 $100.00

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As a leader in the infamous Parrish Mob Family you have been sent to recover the evidence from a recent hit the boss ordered. When he got wind that there were some traitors in the family, he planned a dinner at The Kitchen to take them out! Unfortunately, he sent a couple of rookies to handle the job and they forgot the evidence linking them to the crime! As the most trusted lieutenant in the family you’re being sent in with whoever you need. There's two pieces of evidence that can bring down the family and you must get them out before the cops show up or you’ll be swimming with the fishes!
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