Agent Venture: The Heist – Extended Edition

By | May 23, 2020

by Agent Venture (website)

4-5 players


remote play
Agent Venture stands outside the HQ of B.A.D. Corp, ready to expose their many crimes. But they can’t succeed alone. You and your friends must help them infiltrate the HQ, navigate the labyrinth corridors, hack doors, distract guards, bluff past nosey receptionists, and more.
Can you and your friends pull together to save the day and expose the crimes of an evil corporation?

Every Secret Agent needs a world class support team, and this time, that’s you.
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An immersive, audio-led, choose your own adventure, high-stakes heist, Agent Venture isn’t truly an online escape room; in fact it’s so much more. If you’re looking for something different to do, look no further, and book your adventure now
If playing a time-constrained, mostly-audio adventure sounds like fun, you should definitely look into this.

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