Big Break Hamburg: Operation Jackpot

By | May 12, 2020

by Big Break Hamburg (website)

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Β£9.00 €10.00

Languages: EN, DE

60-120 mins
Embrace your inner gangster and rob the casino blind!
You've already made a name for yourself on the streets and are excited to take part in the biggest casino robbery the world has ever seen. With a team of world renouned thieves on your side, you are sure your clever minds will be able to execute the perfect crime! Do you have what it takes to break into the underground casino vault and escape without getting caught?
Good luck gangsters!
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No prizes for guessing from the title that this game is set in a casino - which, naturally, you're aiming to rob. That gives a natural progression through trying to get into the casino, to casino-themed puzzles, and on to heist-themed puzzles.
This is, in the end, another online game that follows the simple 'linear sequence of puzzles' format. However, I was immediately struck by how much more polished and slick Operation Jackpot was compared to other games in this style. Visual glitz only goes...
While heist-themed games are unlikely to ever be my favourite, Operation Jackpot kept us entertained with decent puzzles for over an hour. It’s simple, but effective

You should definitely wear a headset when playing this game. It literally sounded like you're in a surround sound movie theater. 

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