Conundrum Escape Rooms: Virtual Dead Man’s Secret

By | May 6, 2020

by Conundrum Escape Rooms (website)

2480 Kipling St., CO 80215

2-4 players

£54.00 $75.00

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75 mins
Reclusive billionaire Conan Drum has recently died and left his entire fortune to whomever is clever enough to solve his final riddles. Race against the clock to uncover all the dead man’s secrets!
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It's a nice ego-stroke to be told you're a brilliant puzzle solver before a game even begins - and that's the initial premise of this game. The Dead Man of the title is a recently deceased billionaire who left his fortune to whoever could solve his riddles; in our briefing we were told that we were the genuises who'd been first to solve his puzzle, and having done so, we now just needed to investigate his chambers to find his hidden riches.
The setting is essentially a gentleman's study, and it...
Who wants to be a Billionaire? Disclaimer: We make no promises that you will become one.

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