Rock Avenue Escape Room: Ready Mayor Two: A Matter of Time

By | April 30, 2020

by Rock Avenue Escape Room (website)

8351 SR 54, Suite 110, Trinity

Team of 2: Β£36.00 $49.95
Team of 4: Β£57.00 $79.85
Team of 6: Β£78.00 $109.75

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It's A Conspiracy!!
Our intrepid town reporter and blogger, who some consider a conspiracy theorist, is convinced that Dominic Fontana has built a time machine. and that the craziness in the world is due to Dominic's time travel &
the impact on the time-space continuum.
Beware, Dominic may have a partner helping him!
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Don’t let first impressions fool you with this room. What looks like a basic room opens up to be so much more and the way it uses technology is one of its strengths

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