Escape@Home: Prison Escape

By | April 28, 2020

by Escape@Home (website)

2-6 players

£15.00 $19.90

Scotland Yard is desperate: Since Sherlock Holmes has had to stay at home due to the current situation, hardly any cases have been resolved. Sherlock spontaneously agrees to work on the cases from home and therefore establishes the “Sherlock Home Office”. Scotland Yard is enthusiastic and provides Sherlock with the traces and information digitally. Since Watson is currently unavailable, Sherlock Holmes is now looking for helping hands that can help him with his cases.
The first mission is not easy: Sherlock’s arch enemy Moriarty took advantage of the current uncertainties and escaped from the Tower of London. It is immediately clear that there must have been an accomplice in prison. Find out how Moriarty got out of prison and who helped him. Will you be able to solve the case before more inmates can escape from prison?
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