Porticada Games: Interception

By | April 28, 2020

by Porticada Games (website)

1-4 players

September 1941 - Rome
The world is at war. In the middle of the Second World War, the United States, declared neutral, provides France and Great Britain with weapons thanks to the recently created Cash and Carry law. Despite being neutral, acknowledging the threat represented by Nazi Germany, it has significantly increased espionage missions throughout Europe.
You are an agent of the SIM (Servizio Informazioni Militari). Despite your efforts to avoid Italy entering the war, your boss, Cesare Ame, asks you to spy on the Americans to obtain their secrets and gain tactical advantage over the Allies.
As a trained intelligence agent, you have your eye on the spies who are conspiring in your country and you know that the American embassy in Rome has been in turmoil lately. You suspect they have a coding system to send the information to the US.
Obtaining the American secrets could help your country and the Axis win the war, or at least shorten it and avoid millions of deaths.
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Designed for play on a smartphone, Interception also works fine on a larger device (and in fact it's helpful to be able to open multiple tabs). In this WWII-themed game you're an Italian spy infiltrating the US embassy (!) for vital information that'll help the Axis win the war (!!). Dubious premise aside, it's a very solid attempt at recreating a classic escape room feel inside a browser, with an inventory management system in the game's menu to help keep track of what you've found.

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