Lockbox Escape Room: Timeline

By | April 28, 2020

by Lockbox Escape Room (website)

8490 W. State Road 84, FL 33324

Team of 2: £36.00 $49.99
Team of 4: £43.00 $59.97
Team of 6: £51.00 $69.95

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It’s the not-too-distant future. A giant explosion has taken place releasing a toxin in the air that’s wiping out the planet’s population. Your father, a renowned scientist, locked you and your friends inside his bio-hazard safe basement in order to survive. You stumble upon a message basically detailing that your grandfather was the lead scientist on the project that created this apocalyptic attack. Your father, stricken with guilt that he may be related to the man who caused all this destruction, developed a time machine to go back to when it all started. Before he had a chance to fix everything, he became victim to the toxin. Now you and your friends are the world’s last chance. You only have a 60-minute window to find your way back through time and change the past to save the future!
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