Mad Escape Room: Trapped At Home

By | April 22, 2020

by Mad Escape Room (website)

C/ de Donoso Cortés, 36, 28015

1-5 players

£9.00 €10.00

Hawkins is a quiet town where everyone knows each other and nothing relevant usually happens … until now.
Will disappeared two days ago and even though the whole town is looking for him, there is no sign of him.
You guys are Will’s best friends and have decided to start an investigation on your own. So you meet at 10pm at Will’s house porch. Will’s mother is out helping the police to find any lead in the wood and she won’t be at home for the next hour.
When you get in Will’s room you find a suspicious folder with some documents, and a back door with 7 locks. It seems Will is trying to send a message with you from another reality.
Can you decipher his messages and bring him back before the portal closes forever?
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