The Valentine’s Anomaly: The Valentine’s Anomaly

By | April 22, 2020

by The Valentine's Anomaly (website)

Valentines Mansion & Gardens, IG1 4XA


The Valentines Anomaly is a story based on true residents of the history of Valentines Mansion, you will explore rooms of the Mansion in order to solve the puzzle. All puzzles are taken from the real Valentines Anomaly experience.
There’s a strange phenomenon taking place at Valentines Mansion… Julien Slade has invited you (virtually) to help investigate, but is all as it seems? There are ghostly lights and unusual supernatural goings-on, Slade tells you that something very strange is taking place; the spirits in the building are waking up. Can they be trusted to guide you? Your team will embark on an hour-long journey around the mansion; the house that Slade believes is the hiding place for an ancient artefact from the ill-fated ship, the East Indiaman Valentine, a mysterious but cursed item. Is this all just an elaborate hoax, or will the mansion take its revenge?
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Valentine's Anomaly was a physical escape room that ran for a limited period in a mansion in East London - with the original game now permanently closed, the designers have created an online version of the same game. This consists of photographic images of the original rooms and clue items; where the original game presumably had number locks, this version instead prompts you to enter your answer into a form.

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