Trap’t: The T.R.A.P.T. Online Escape Room

By | April 14, 2020

by Trap't (website)

76 Progress Drive Suite 262, CT 06902

1-6 players

Β£8.00 $11.15

The T.R.A.P.T. Agency is in the process of creating a new, hi-tech energy source that will revolutionize how we power EVERYTHING. Without this innovation, we are sure to deplete the earth's current energy supplies and cause major environmental damage that will not be easily reversed. Are you prepared to enlist your services to help in this important task?
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This game was really well put together and was clearly designed to make it an enjoyable experience with the user in mind. Don’t be daunted by all the information that greets you, just get stuck in!

The experience felt like we're playing in a real escape room where relating clues would be compiled together to unlock a particular lock. It was nice to be able to experience this remotely at home.

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