Mystery Locks: The Lucky Dragon Recipe Hunt

By | April 9, 2020

by Mystery Locks (website)

1-4 players


On the busy streets in the heart of Hong Kong, Mr Chun Li’s "The Lucky Dragon" Restaurant is home to the best Asian food in the world. You work day and night to cook some of the most delicious meals, enjoyed by hundreds of hungry guests every day. One evening, Mr Li comes to you impatiently. One of Asia’s most pretentious food critics just booked a table in an hour, to write a review for his future new book. The problem? Mr Li won’t be there to help you. He needs to leave immediately to find a golden duck egg to top up his famous secret dish. He left so quickly that he forgot to offer you his secret recipe. Will you find the code to the safe where he keeps his recipe book and cook the dish in time? The critic is coming in just one hour! Be quick and may the Lucky Dragon be on your side!
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