Cluequest: Print + Cut + Escape

By | March 31, 2020

by ClueQuest (website)


Agent Lisa Hammersmith has discovered Professor Blacksheep’s evil plan. For some time now, the despicable sheep has secretly been kidnapping top scientists, and forcing them to join his attempts at world domination. Agent Hammersmith has been captured, but in one final act of courage she was able to transfer her files to HQ before being taken prisoner. Your mission is to decode Agent Hammersmith’s secret messages, to find and free her. Together you can stop Professor Blacksheep in his tracks, and bring our top scientists home.
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An upfront warning for this game: clueQuest's title 'Print + Cut + Escape' is accurate in all its parts. Before the Escape and after the Print, there is a great deal of Cut - you need to go through the game's pages and cut out a great many components to prepare for play. You won't spend as long cutting as escaping, but you should set aside half an hour at the very least for the preparation.
Both the printing (24 pages, greyscale but with plenty of images) and the cutting are pretty essential to...
A solid game that was incredibly well priced at £12 for the print at home version. Puzzles ranged in style and difficulty and many were actually similar in style to those that one would find in a live escape experience

clueQuest's signature is their 3D puzzles and we loved to building them. It's a great feeling  to be able to see something formulate from a bunch of scrap that had no relation to each other and achieve that "aha" moment. 

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In Stolen IQ you play the role of a secret spy on the hunt for Agent Crimson who has gone missing. In typical ClueQuest fashion it has mice, sheep, and theatrical hilarity!

This is not your average play at home escape experience! The puzzles that are created out of pieces of paper are absolutely brilliant – we piloted a paper submarine around spinning icebergs, directed invisible lasers using paper mirrors and hit a golf ball over a paper obstacle course of London landmarks, all while following the story via some fantastic online videos.
An excellent, lockdown-friendly, print-and-play escape game.

clueQuest is back with yet another escape room experience but this time from the comfort from your own room. As our favourite escape room business, the team have created a unique experience known as Print Cut Escape that joins the rest of the escape room lineup! 

Do you have those escape room cravings in lockdown? Need some mental stimulation and a quality, fun group activity in your household bubble? Clue Quest have swooped to the rescue with a print and play escape puzzle.

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