Mysterious Minds: Mayhem at the Moonshine Mile

By | February 28, 2020

by Mysterious Minds (website)

322 Bloor Street W, ON M5S 1W5


2-6 players

60 minutes

It is the summer of 1927, and it is the night before one of the biggest horse races of the year, The Moonshine Mile at Hillbilly Hills. Deep into the era of Prohibition, horse racing, has become a new favourite pass-time of the rich and famous. As an owner of one of the horses in tomorrow's race, Hoof Hearted, you are in desperate need of a victory, and more importantly, the large paycheck that comes with it.
Hoof Hearted has been one of the most successful horses over the past year; however, its success as of late has seen a sudden and dramatic fall. Hoof Hearted has started to show signs of illness, and you are unsure how many races he has left. You've recently had Hoof Hearted examined by the Stable vet, and it looks like he may have been poisoned with tainted feed. Could it somehow be that your fiercest competitors are poisoning your horse in order to ensure defeat?
Over the past few weeks, you have noticed some odd activity around the horse stable of your leading rival “Notta Chance” during the night. Due to the illegal nature of alcohol during the prohibition era, you suspect that some of the horse owners may be running an illegal bar or "speakeasy" somewhere within the stable barns. As with most speakeasies during this time period, the entrances are often hidden, sometimes needing a secret code or key in order to gain access.
You've come to suspect that somehow, this secret speakeasy is linked to the truth behind who is involved in the plot to poison Hoof Hearted. You decide to take it upon yourself to check out Notta Chance's stable when the horses are out for their evening training session.
You must move quick....
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