Masters of Escape Linz: Wudang Shan

By | February 1, 2020

by Masters of Escape Linz (website)

Kaarstraße 9, 4040


2-6 players

60 minutes

You are on an expedition to the famous mountain Wudang in China, the mountain of the ancient Kung-Fu Masters. Because of falling rocks you get separeted from your tour guide. You just could rescue yourselves into a small cave, but the exit is blocked. However you discover an ancient Chinese red door full of decorations. What is this mystirious place about? Is there an exit trough this door inside this cave?
A rescue team is on the way, but the cave entrance doesn't seem to be a secure place. Your group decides to continiue your journey into the cave. You just have 60 minutes to escape!
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It is time to honor the escape room that started our obsession and introduced us to a brand new world of awesomeness. Sure, I am probably exaggerating a little bit here. But Masters of Escape in our hometown Linz, Austria, will always have a special place in our heart. And now it is finally time […]

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