Locked Amsterdam: Submarine

By | January 30, 2020

by Locked Amsterdam (website)

Nieuwe Hemweg 8, NH 1013 BG


2-6 players

90 mins
The submarine: The Russian submarine K-129 has mysteriously disappeared 20 years ago. It was last seen in the North Pacific Ocean. The vessel has a dangerous nuclear load on board and to this day has not been located. It is crucial that this submarine is found before it falls into the wrong hands.
The controversial journalist Hugo Laanen has been interested in this mystery for a long time. He has kept files with all his findings. However, it seems he has gotten cold feet now. Some even suggest he ran from the Russian secret service. His study room in the Amsterdam Houthaven is still left untouched…
This escape room starts in his abandoned office. From there you are taken to the great depths of the North Pacific Ocean. In this exciting and technically advanced escape room nothing is what it seems.
Can you solve the mystery in time?
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Two more great Amsterdam games. Escape through Time was an excellent experience that very much felt on the theatrical end of escape rooms. Locked.Amsterdam was was a hard mission in a beautiful environment although at times those hard puzzles required a bit of a stretch.
Locked Amsterdam is an Escape Room location a bit outside of Amsterdam city centre that sent us to find a lost submarine. Is the trip worth it?
The ocean runs deep, but the mysteries it holds run deeper…
SUPERB Submarine

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