Next Level Escaperoom: Catch Me If You Can

By | January 18, 2020

by Next Level Escaperoom (website)

Stratumseind 32, 5611ET


3-7 players

60 minutes

Catch Me If You Can is the sequel to The Suspicious Farmhouse. We advise to play it in that order, but you can play in the order that suits you best.
A violent criminal is on the run and no one can find him. After the bartender tips you off, you will be called in as an FBI team. The suspect was last seen in the pub: Hold’em Inn. That is the place where your research begins ….
It is up to you to start the chase. Let’s hope you’re not too late…. Are you able to catch the suspect within 60 minutes or will he be one step ahead of you?
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Catch Me If You Can is in fact a sequel to the venue's original game, which we hadn't played (and weren't able to squeeze into our schedule); but all that we really needed to know of the backstory was that there was a bad guy named Jeffrey, and it was our mission to track him down. To get you into the mood, you're equipped with police jackets plus an interesting piece of equipment for later use.
Your starting point is your quarry's favourite bar, but this is not the entirety of the game. In fac...
En retard! Vous- ai-je déjà dit que lors de nos escapeathons (c’est trop bien de pouvoir inventer des mots) nous étions trop souvent en retard ? Eh bien la Hollande n’est malheureusement pas une exception à cette règle.Pour ne pas changer une "bonne" habitude cette fois-ci aussi, nous déboulons en retard dans une jolie petite zone piétonne très charmante à Eindhoven. L'escape" Next Level Escaperoom" se...
Catch me if you can is a successful realisation of the film of the same name and a sequel from Suspicious Farmhouse. Wow! This was a block and not a spill. Therefore it’s not surprising that this room is the #1 in the audience favour at It was also the favorite of Victor, but in our community ranking it could only climb to position #4.

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