No Escape: The Demon Barber of Oxford Street

By | November 30, 2019

by No Escape (website)

51 Oxford Street, W1D 2EF

Central London

2-4 players

60 minutes

Mrs. Lovett's shop is doing better than ever. What was the worst pie shop in the whole of London is now booming. Customers pour through the door and her "secret ingredient" is stealing all of your patrons away. You decide to go undercover and find out what makes her pies so special.
The strange man who runs the barber shop next door, leaves the door to his barber shop open and while he is not looking you sneak in behind him. Bang! Click! Clock! The door has locked behind you. You know that Mrs Lovett opens her shop in 60 minutes time. You must hurry and escape from The Demon Barber of Oxford Street before you become a victim of one of London's most famous serial killers. To make matters worse, you hear footsteps upstairs. Be careful not to make too much noise or they might find you...
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