Suffolk Food Hall: The Forgotten Fairground

By | October 30, 2019

by Suffolk Food Hall (website)

Suffolk Food Hall, Wherstead, IP9 2AB


2-8 players

60 minutes

The Sexton family moved from Blackpool in the late 50’s looking for work. Their father, Peter, took a job on the farm here in Wherstead eventually taking its tenancy. His youngest child and only son, Roger, was always looking for ways to be entertained – a real problem on a farm off the beaten track with little within walking distance. Over the years, Roger, accumulated a variety of different games to keep himself amused and out of trouble from his sisters. Some were gifted, others created or built with the help of his Grandpa, and some pocketed by less honest means.
He would often disappear, alone, for hours at a time; his mother assumed the farm was his playground but little did she know… The children grew up, and moved on, away from agriculture. With age, Peter battled to maintain the farm tenancy and the place fell into a sorry state. Fast forward 30 years, and you have the chance to explore this special place. Upon inspection, the old farm buildings offer nothing more than old machinery, damaged roofs and rubbish. The restoration task seems enormous, until you stumble across a room full of games, Roger’s room….
Take on the games and puzzles to collect the tokens needed to escape the fairground, spread the word and save it from demolition. It’s time to realise Roger’s dream…
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