Clued Up! Escape Rooms: Prison Breakout

By | September 29, 2019

by Clued Up! Escape Rooms (website)

64-66 Prince of Wales Road, NR1 1LT


2-8 players

60 minutes

You have been convicted, sentenced to life and banged up… and even worse, you’re totally innocent. But someone wants to ensure you never see freedom again so the Warden has been bribed to keep you locked up for life. The Warden will be back in just one hour… so you need to decide if you’ll just accept your fate or if you will make a bid for freedom. You need to escape your cell, disable the security systems and make your escape! Prison Breakout will see your party separated and incarcerated in our cells so it may be less suitable for those suffering extreme claustrophobia; however our cells are together within one large room and equipped with magnetic release locks which open immediately if required – so there’s no need to worry!
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