Roomination: Escape From The Cursed Galleon

By | July 29, 2019

by Roomination (website)

Unit 9, Y Dolydd, SY22 5LD


2-5 players

60 minutes

currently unavailable
Whilst sailing the seven seas on a quest for fame and fortune, your ship gets raided… by pirates!
A skirmish breaks out and despite your best efforts, the pirates board your ship and plunder your treasure! You try to keep your ship together but it’s too late, you’re knocked unconscious by one of the scallywags.
On awakening, you find yourself locked in the brig with a few of your crew mates on board the enemy’s galleon. To your surprise, there appears to be no-one else on board… alive. All you can hear is the distant rumble of a fast approaching storm.
Can you break out of your cell, steer the ship to safety and find your missing loot all before the time runs out?
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