Ormond Sacker: The Sherlock Holmes Escape Book

By | July 29, 2019

by Ormond Sacker (website)

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The Sherlock Holmes Escape Book: The Adventure of the London Waterworks is the first in a unique new series of puzzle books, in which the reader is trapped in the pages and must find their way out by solving the puzzles that hold the key to their freedom. Visual clues are hidden among the intriguing illustrations; fiendish riddles, logic puzzles, and timed challenges unlock hidden doors and reveal the direction of travel; and mathematical problems provide the codes required to follow the correct path. There are maps and mazes to explore; references to the original Sherlock Holmes adventures to unravel; and a code-wheel that holds the key to unlocking the next page. Solve the puzzles correctly to escape. Get them wrong, and you will find yourself further and further along the path to your own demise.
You are Sherlock Holmes… striding home through the fog-bound alleys of London town towards 221b Baker Street, you are accosted by a stranger. As the church bells chime midnight, she slips an envelope into your hand before dashing away. What is the meaning of the message cut from newsprint? Is there a clue hidden in the clothing they were wearing? And could their footprints offer a fresh scent on the trail of your deadly enemy Moriarty…?
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Overall, this is a great attempt at an escape book and I hope it’s the start of a series. For real enthusiasts it’s a good book to keep your hand in but without too much to really test your metal. For anyone new or has taken a break from escape rooms, it’s a really great way to hone your skills. It certainly passed a good few hours on the beach this summer.

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