Escape Room The Game: Behind Enemy Lines

By | May 15, 2019

by Escape Room The Game (website)

3-5 players

Languages: EN

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virtual reality
The time has come: you are now officially a soldier. You have completed all the necessary training and have been sent to a country far, far away. A bloody civil war has been raging here for years. The resistance has been broken and peace talks are being conducted between the new government and the rebels. To prevent hostilities from flaring up again, a military force will be stationed in the country until the new government is firmly entrenched. Your mission is to take photographs of a number of locations indicated by informants. It is a dangerous mission because hostile groups are still active in this region. In other words, it is not a mission for the inexperienced. Fortunately, the helicopter is piloted by the strict but fair Captain Salvador Alvarez, a decorated veteran who knows the inhospitable region like the back of his hand. But Alvarez is not his usual calm self today. He seems to be ill at ease. All of you notice this, but no one dares say anything. A simple soldier does not ask a captain about his state of mind, of course. Before you know it, you’d be scrubbing toilets for a few weeks. Once all of the photographs have been taken, Alvarez gives a sign that you understand to mean that he plans to initiate the return flight. Just when everyone thinks that things are going well and perhaps it really is nothing more than a routine mission, the engine starts to sputter and choke. Alvarez gestures that he’s taking it down… What’s happening? You don’t know where you are exactly, but what you do know for certain is that you’re still above enemy territory. The helicopter loses altitude extremely quickly and hits the ground with a thundering roar. Everything goes black. When you all come to again, you notice that Alvarez has disappeared. Did he flee? Did he go to look for help? You’re stranded in enemy territory… and on the edge of a huge ravine. It will be dark in an hour, and a rescue will no longer be possible, leaving you exposed to the enemy’s nightly patrols.
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Noris ergänzt seine Escape Room – Das Spiel Reihe kurz vor Weihnachten noch um zwei neue Virtual Reality Missionen. Ob Escape Room – Das Spiel Virtual Reality es mit diesem Gimmick schafft der Reihe neues Leben einzu hauchen, das lest ihr hier.

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