Deadbolt Mystery Society: Sleight of Hand

By | May 15, 2019

by Deadbolt Mystery Society (website)

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When The Amazing Silverstone died, his Last Will and Testament was a source of much controversy due to a personalized note he left with his lawyer. It read:
“To my dearest son, Peter. If you are reading this particular draft then it means my unknown nemesis murdered me. They will have gone to great lengths to cover their tracks, but I know the truth. In time, hopefully, you will too. There have been lots of unusual happenings at Silverstone Manor over the past few weeks. Some of them I could have chalked up to simple coincidence, but the sheer number of strange occurrences has cast a sinister cloud overhead that has been too overwhelming to ignore. Your reading of this will proves that I wasn’t paranoid or crazy. I was right all along about the threat on my life. That brings me to your involvement in this cryptic business. In addition to my estate and the considerable wealth that goes with it, I am leaving you the contents of my safe which, I believe, contains the identity of the one who took my life. Over the course of my life I have made many enemies, both personally and professionally, and I believe one of these is to blame for my untimely demise. Determine the identity of my killer and bring them to justice. I have the utmost confidence in you, my son.”
Although he had acquired considerable sleight of hand skills from years of apprenticing under his father, Peter Silverstone had no idea where to start with the investigation of his father’s murder. As a result, he has brought the contents of his father’s safe to you at the Will Street Detective Agency and hired you to help solve the mystery surrounding the death of The Amazing Silverstone.
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