Cold Case Crackers: The H-Train Bomber

By | May 15, 2019

by Cold Case Crackers (website)

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On Sunday June 22, 2003 an unknown person detonated an explosive on a passenger train outside the city of Addenberg, New York. The explosive device killed five people and wounded another eight in the blast. A year and a half later, police managed to find an online server that is confirmed to have been used by the Addenberg bomber. The forensic and technology departments have tried to gain access but were unable to crack into it. Around the same time the bomber sent a letter to the police threatening another attack in seven days. The head detective has enlisted help from the Cold Case Crackers to finally bring justice to the bomber, closure to the families of the victims, and to stop the new bomb from hurting anymore innocent people. To hear more about the background from the original detective, listen to the audio below.
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