Unlock!: Heroic Adventures: Insert Coin

By | March 31, 2019

by Unlock! (website)

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Complete the levels of a virtual adventure, and avoid "Game Over" to escape!
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As a matter of policy, Unlock! box sets seem to each contain one game that's more tailored for younger players, in both theming and difficulty level; in the Heroic set, that game is Insert Coin.
It's themed for retro 80s arcade gaming, and that's reflected in the pixelated artwork, the bloopy soundtrack, and the style of puzzle. Unlock! games have moved quite far from from being a card system to being a hybrid card-digital system. Appropriately for the theme, Insert Coin doubles down on the app...
The Unlock! series has shifted from releasing 3 different one-off games to releasing all 3 games in one bundle. Instead of looking at each game in depth, I am going to explore all 3 at a higher level.
You’re stuck inside on a rainy summer day when SUDDENLY…your phone dies! Confined to your house and left alone with your boredom you search for something to help pass the time. Eureka! You make your way up the stairs to the attic only to find your Grandfather’s dusty old arcade machine! You plug it in, insert a coin and… you will have to play the game for yourself to find out the rest!
This has to be the best Unlock we've played so far. If you are going at it for difficulty then steer clear but if you are playing for out and out fun, this is the one for you. A really pleasurable hour.

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