Cross Roads Escape Games: The Hex Room

By | March 20, 2019

by Cross Roads Escape Games (website)


5-10 players

60 minutes

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Rated between 45 and 50 out of 5

based on 3 pro reviews

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Almost two years after Chris's visit and review, I finally got a chance to try Hex Room myself, two of us teaming up with a group of four lovely Californian enthusiasts who were also playing it for the first time. Which was fortunate, because even more than most escape rooms you need to play this one with a good team. While some communication between the individual cells and the central hub is possible, if one of the group gets too badly stuck they may sink the whole team.
I loved how each play...
The Breakfast Club meets in a murder house!
Take everything you thought you knew about escape rooms and smash it to pieces; it will just slow you down while you try to escape from the killer of this incredibly crafted horror flick!
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