Paradox Parlours Guildford: The Case of the Missing Gun

By | March 20, 2019

by Paradox Parlours Guildford (website)

Jeffries Passage, GU1 4AP


2-6 players

60 minutes

Vince Baxter, New York's infamous crime boss, is on trial for the murder of Roxanne's brother, Stanley Steele and with only an hour left in the case, the prosecution really need Larry's evidence to finally convince the judge of Vince's guilt.
The only problem is that Private Investigator Larry Maxwell is unconscious in hospital, caused by a mysterious 'accident' yesterday. Only Larry knows the whereabouts of the gun that ties Vince to the murder.
Can you find the missing evidence to send Vince down?
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The original room at Guildford Escape Rooms is dramatically different to its sibling game, in tone, style and setting, but achieves a similar high level of quality. The Case of the Missing Gun is based in 1930s Prohibition, and where the venue's other game is sleek and intellectual, this one feels grittier and more physical. The premise is that you're searching the office of a private investigator, who has met an unfortunate accident the day before he could appear in court to provide the crucial...
A pretty room which delivers some relatively difficult puzzles for enthusiasts to get their teeth stuck into. A couple of places saw us go off the rails, but good GMing meant that we were always kept on track.
A small room that has enough to keep you going and somehow still manages to surprise you.
This room is essentially a lesson in designing an immersive environment. It doesn’t seem particularly ambitious at first – we’re in a private investigator’s office, a place we’ve been many times before. But in this case it’s a little different: it’s 1940s New York, and you don’t need to solve a murder, just find where the PI hid the weapon to tie the gangster to the murder. In many ways the most out of place thing about this room is it was in colour.

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