Extremescape: Lost Tomb

By | March 20, 2019

by Extremescape (website)

Stanley Hall Farm, Stanley Hall Lane, SK12 2JX


2-8 players

90 mins
We built The Pirate Ship after playing only 4 escape rooms and we wanted to put our own stamp on “Our Escape Room” .
To our surprise The Pirate Ship was unbelievably well received and the reviews have been fantastic, better than we ever imagined.
The pressure was on, our next room had to be as good, if not better than The Pirate Ship. It took nearly a year to build, it is heavily themed, exciting, interactive, immersive and a real live adventure.
Your team of adventurers & archeologists, enter an abandoned gold mine in the heart of the Mexican mountains, your mission is to find the hidden gold.
Legend says that the holder of the hidden gold of El Narangel will find the Lost Tomb.
The miners left subtle clues & hints, if you use all your skills you may find the hidden gold and ultimately the Lost Tomb but be careful they the miners won’t give up their gold easily.
The Lost Tomb is now open.
Come and see for yourselves,
Good Luck
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Extremescape's first game was a big, brilliant pirate game. Their second is loosely inspired by Indiana Jones, and it somehow manages to be even better. Like Pirate Ship, Lost Tomb is a 90 minute game. Where Pirate Ship injects a moment or two of unexpected theatricality, Lost Tomb has a succession of them.
The game starts in a relatively small space, with the team instructed to find a way in an abandoned gold mine, and subsequently to recover each of a set of bags of gold. From the outset the ...
The set is stunning, the puzzles are enjoyable, the theatrical moments are fantastic and, to top it off, the couple who run it are a great pair of hosts. If you're ever in the area, and by that I mean the UK, you should head over here for 90 minutes of pure joy.
And location is more relevant than you might think for Lost Tomb, as the game itself takes places in what seem to be some old underground caverns carved out of rock. It does mean that they’re halfway to that Lost Tomb aesthetic already, but it’s impressive nonetheless.
Another wonderful game by Extemeescape. It’s clear that they have learnt over time and having played all of their games there is clear development from Pirate Ship to Lost Tomb and ultimately Vikings. This is truly a 90 minute game. I dare say that very few will complete this in less than the standard 60 minutes unless they are a large VERY experienced group. It’s safe to say that Extremescape don’t build easy rooms but no matter, they are all worth playing as they are examples of some of the best in the country. 

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