Popup Escapes: The Case of the Dynamo Diamonds

By | March 20, 2019

by Popup Escapes (website)

200-204 Putney Bridge Road, SW15 2NA

South London

2-5 players

60 minutes

South West London’s thrilling new escape game is a nail-biting race against the clock set in a criminal mastermind’s lock-up. The police are baffled by “The Case of the Dynamo Diamonds”, but can YOU solve the clues, unravel the riddles, master the challenges, and escape the room by revealing the thief’s accomplice and finding five stolen diamonds. If you think fast on your feet, work well in a team, and fancy your chances in the mental and physical challenges, come play. Because teamwork is everything, and time flies when you’re under pressure.
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With my escape game addiction thoroughly out of control, I often have 5-10 booked games in the diary at any one moment and it's not unusual to turn up to a game with only the vaguest memory of what it was called or what the theme was. In this case, I hazily remembered something about diamonds so was expecting maybe a bank vault and probably a laser maze at some point. That was misleading: the story actually places you in the residence of a thief. The thief has already been arrested, and your tas...
A very different game from your average experience. It's not particularly challenging and, as a popup, doesn't have the beautiful, solid finish of a permanent game. What it does have is fun - managing to be easily accessible for first-timers while still having enough that's different from your average escape room to engage enthusiasts.

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