Clue HQ Coventry: The Dungeon of Doom

By | March 20, 2019

by Clue HQ Coventry (website)

Watch Close, CV1 3LN


3-6 players

60 minutes

Your friend has been wrongly accused of murder, and sentenced to death. They are locked in the confines of a medieval dungeon and it’s up to you to break in and save them. Can you free your friend and escape the dungeon together before the guard patrols the area again. You’ve got 60 minutes or you’ll all be sentenced to the same fate.
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reviewed in Brentwood
Jose Adrian experienced rated this:Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5

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The Brentwood branch of Clue HQ has an unusual location out in the Essex countryside next to a Cold War era nuclear defence bunker, which we didn't have time to visit as well but which seems a highly appropriate neighbour for an escape room venue, even if the games we'd chosen to play on this visit used different themes.
Our first game was Dungeon of Doom, which uses a faux-medieval setting with one of your team (or possibly two, if you’re playing in a large group) imprisoned and awaiting a gri...
A review of four games we played in mid-2017 at Escapism and Breakout in Chester and Clue HQ Warrington. Dungeon of Doom and Teleporter were both solid games while Amphitheatre and Disturbed paled in comparison.
A lot of effort has gone in to the decoration in this room and they really make you work as a team for the first half. There’s no doing your own thing, you have to communicate, which is a nice touch.

A good looking room, but unfortunately for me the game itself did not flow. At least one puzzle that gave a dubious answer which I managed to read incorrectly every time (it just wasn't clear), some that seemed to have no direction or flow. A lot of toing and frowing from one section to the next made this game feel disjointed, very much saved by the aesthetics of the room. 

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