Omescape London: Joker’s Asylum

By | March 20, 2019

by Omescape London (website)

Central London

4-6 players

60 minutes

Insane and dangerous, the Joker is on the loose. Your group need to find him before he finds you…
After years of performing in the circus, the Joker retreated into madness, creating a mysterious asylum with the help of his doctor. As time went by people forgot about the Joker, but suddenly one day he decided to leave the asylum and carry out a revenge plot. The only person who has any insight into the dangerous mind of the Joker is his doctor – but he has also mysteriously disappeared. Your task is to unravel the mystery and work as a rescue team on a mission, before the Joker finds out you’re onto him.
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Definitely one of the harder rooms I've played - we made it out, but barely.
I found the initial section frustrating, in a way that could be significantly improved with better technology - I won't go into details since it could be considered a minor spoiler. A couple of the puzzles later on had answers that struck me as a little arbitrary, too, although still solvable without hints.
That said, it's an unusually large room packed with puzzles, decent atmosphere, and apart from the caveats above...
A tried and tested game from across the Atlantic, Joker's Asylum is the first room where our team was fair and squarely beaten. Overall, not a game I enjoyed, but it still left me excited about what OMEscape are bringing to the table.
Our first experience with Omescape and turning up at this dodgy looking building just north of King’s Cross did nothing to put our nerves at ease, entering the waiting room did even less for that!
We head to Kings Cross where we find ourselves very underwhelmed with Joker's Asylum which has a lot of issues.
Le Joker nous a lancé un défi et nous y avons répondu. Dans cette salle, nous avons dû former deux groupes et avons été obligés de coopérer pour pouvoir progresser dans la salle. Les énigmes sont assez logiques dans l'ensemble, mais malheureusement pas vraiment originales. Il n'y a, malheureusement pour moi, pas de fouille ou quasiment pas en dehors d'un peu de fouille visuelle. La présence du Joker ne nous fait nous...

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