Escape Room Centre: Grimoire In The Attic

By | March 20, 2019

by Escape Room Centre (website)

44-46 Church Street, FY1 1HP


3-7 players

60 minutes

An ancient book of spells, The Grimoire, has been stolen. You've traced the thieves back to this long forgotten mansion.
Their plan is to use the book to invoke evil spirits to rise again. Time is short; the ceremony begins tonight, at the stroke of midnight.
It's just before 11pm which leaves just one hour to find the Grimoire and escape! You've searched everywhere and found nothing, there's only one place left to look, the ATTIC...
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With a current total of six rooms, Escape Room Centre is Blackpool’s largest venue. While their first four games are designs selected and imported from TRAP in Budapest, their newest two are original designs. Both of those have a minimum team size of three players, but the venue was happy to let us attempt Grimoire as a pair.
Your mission is to recover a stolen spellbook, before the thieves use it to unleash all kinds of nasty on the world. The other half of the game’s name is strictly appropri...

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