Containment: The Vault

By | March 20, 2019

by Containment (website)

Merrist Wood College, Holly Lane, GU3 3PE


4-6 players

60 minutes

Criminal mastermind β€˜The Director’ has recruited you to form part of an elite team. You will be orchestrating a heist on one of the UK’s most secure private vaults and stealing the prized safe contents. Oh, and you have only an hour to do it!
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The second game we played at Containment was their original and oldest game. As with the previous one, the game is inside a large shipping container. Where the bomb defusal game we'd just played had a theme that obviously fit well with that, The Vault has the trickier job of convincing you you're inside a bank. Nonetheless, it manages to do a surprisingly effective job of making the shipping container look like a normal room. Above a certain height the decor stops and gives way to wiring and the...

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