Deadlocked Escape Rooms: The Phoenix Research

By | March 20, 2019

by Deadlocked Escape Rooms Reading (website)

122 Castle Hill, RG1 7RG


2-6 players

60 minutes

Professor Bradley Samwell, the head of research at the Wexell Corporation, has gone missing. His bizarre disappearance coincides with the completion of some rather questionable, but valuable research on a project called ‘Phoenix’. The Wexell Corporation has asked your team, with your very specific set of skills, to investigate the missing employee and retrieve the research. But what if there is more to this research, and this company than lies on the surface?
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Located on the west side of Reading, Deadlocked currently have two games. Their first is Phoenix Research, named for the documents you’re trying to retrieve: the critical notes of a missing scientist employed by the dubious Wexell Corporation.
If you put a lot of weight on visual presentation of a game, you might be unimpressed with Phoenix Research. The setting is a scientist’s office, and the decor is suitable – which is to say, fairly mundane, built using mostly standard escape room fare suc...

In places this was a very hard room, at times it was frustrating, but in the end it was fun. A lot of time was spent on immersing you in the story, and the ending was something a little different

We head to Reading for the weekend to see what their escape rooms have in store for us. First up, we need to investigate a missing person.
This is a hard one to pin down. Here’s the problem: The Phoenix Research does a couple of really cool things. The sort of things that would elevate a four-star room to five stars on my ratings scale. The problem is, underneath those it’s not a four-star game. It’s not even a three-star game. It’s actually quite bad.
This room is kind of intriguing. The overall theme, a missing professor, is not particularly unseen in escape rooms and most of the puzzles are variations on things you may have seen before, although they still require you to search and work things out of course.

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