iLocked: Alien

By | March 20, 2019

by iLocked (website)


4-7 players

Languages: EN

60 minutes

Our Alien escape room sends commands into the future, to the year 2224. Players are astronauts flying a spaceship back to Earth from the planet Next. Suddenly, the ship's self-destruct system reports unknown biomaterial. Aliens! Players have to get rid of them, but it will not be easy. How can disaster be averted? Players have to race through the spaceship's numerous modules, where they will find lots of things to investigate. Will they be able to use the space technology correctly? That depends on whether they can fight off the invading aliens. Players have just one hour to get out. This space horror-themed escape game from Ilocked is great fun for family and friend teams.
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iLocked's first game was highly automated, and Alien takes the level of technology a step further. The setting and story here is of course a nod to the movie, with the players as the crew of a small spacecraft woken from stasis after an attack from an unknown lifeform.
I'd been a little apprehensive that Alien might be non-stop dark corridors, flashing lights and jump scares, but those of a nervous disposition needn't worry - no spider-legged critters are going to leap at your face, and this is...
A nicely themed room that used technology well suited to the space theme. Lots of space to explore and lots of varied puzzles.

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