Escapologic: Curio

By | March 20, 2019

by Escapologic Nottingham (website)

21 Castle Gate, NG1 7AQ


2-5 players

60 minutes

Be careful what you wish for
An Englishman's home is his castle. Or his curio if he's a treasure hunter who's spent a lifetime collecting trinkets from all four corners of the globe. Alexander Curio was a true eccentric. A legendary explorer who left no stone unturned in his search for gems and gimcracks. To him, life was a gamble, with fate to be decided on a whim or a flip of a coin. A mysterious loner who loved to raise the stakes until they could be raised no higher.
Alexander's life was one big puzzle. Only a select few ever got beyond his front door. You're about to join their exclusive ranks. At first glance, Curio looks like the home of an explorer whose passion for chasing treasures has taken him from the Thames to Timbuktu. But the clue lies in the name. Secrets lie within her seemingly innocent walls and trinkets hold the key to untold riches. Fortune favours the brave but riches come at a price.
Who is the man behind the enigma? Was his death the result of some cruel, cosmic irony? And does he really want to share the treasures hidden away within the labyrinth he calls home?
This is no ordinary home. Alexander is anything but an ordinary man. Now he's inviting you into his world. But once you enter, there's no going back
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One of the challenges of writing reviews of escape rooms is giving a clear impression of the experience while avoiding spoilers. There are some rooms where this is particularly difficult because that means I can't talk about a core element of the room, the most memorable and unique thing about it. Curio is one such game.
What I can say about it is that it's a high quality, original and satisfying game from start to finish. There's a particular style of decor you often see in escape rooms...
The single most impressive moment I've ever experienced in an escape room combined with obvious progress, good puzzles, a beautiful set and, that most intangible of things, "flow", made this one of my all time favourite escape rooms. "
This room delivers something that you probably won't have seen anywhere else. No spoilers - a fun room with some very impressive room design and definitely one you won't forget
We head to an eccentric treasure hunters house in Nottingham which is hiding quite a few secrets. Can we escape with the riches?
Curio has a gimmick. And at some point that gimmick was probably an amazing and exciting surprise. But as with most escape rooms, as more and more customers come through the doors, the game briefing gets longer and longer to cover all the stupid stuff customers sometimes do. I won’t give away the gimmick directly, but will tell you what was said before we even started the game: we were asked if anyone had severe motion sickness or vertigo, told that if we wanted to get out of the game it could take a little bit longer than in normal games, and there was a special door that we could only go through when a green light was on, under no circumstances try and open the door when the red light was on, and the door might go to different places at different times.
A very special room – it has a completely unique element, lots of puzzles and so much variety. This is my favourite room I’ve played and it will take something very special to beat it.
This is such a unique room and going into it now little about it just makes it all the more special. Escapologic have created a fully immersive experience that is full of twists and turns. It is their hardest game to date so expect to spend some time having to really think about what comes next but it’s worth it for the pay off of what you get to experience. To really stand a chance of completing the room, you really need a minimum of three people.

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