Trapp’d Northampton: Molten Creek Mine

By | March 20, 2019

by Trapp'd Northampton (website)

24 Connaught Street, NN1 3BP


2-6 players

60 minutes

After 11 years experience in the mining industry, you head to work just like any other day. You get into your safety gear and walk through the murky tunnels into the quotidian mineshaft. As you begin working, however, you notice that something feels unfamiliar… almost dangerous. Suddenly, an ear-splitting crack rings out as a large cloud of dust surrounds you. Blinded, you try desperately to search for the cause and make sure your fellow miners are unharmed. The support beams in the mine that you and your team have been working on have given way and the mine is beginning to collapse! The walls are crumbling, the ceiling is caving in, the entrance is now blocked and every second you spend in there means less and less oxygen.
The rescue team is trying their best to race against the clock in order to save you all, but the chances are looking bleak. The creeping realisation of the life or death situation is beginning to dawn on your fellow miners and panic resonates. You are left with one option, find another way out… or die in this soon-to-be catacomb!
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Tim Cooper experienced rated this:Rated between 35 and 35 out of 5
Richard Horton rated this:Rated between 30 and 30 out of 5

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This game needs a warning: wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Or perhaps a stronger version: expect to come out absolutely filthy.
As you might guess from that, Molten Creek Mine goes all-in on the decor. The story is that you're a team of miners trapped by a rockfall, with an hour's worth of air remaining. Fortunately it's quite a large and spacious area you're trapped in; we won't enquire too closely into exactly why you might be able to circumvent the collapsed tunnel via a seri...
We find ourselves trapped in a mine that is collapsing around us. We need to find a way out quick, before it's too late!

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