Puzzle Card: Escape The Room

By | March 20, 2019

by Puzzle Card (website)

1-2 players

The Escape the Room Card challenges the recipient to solve the clues hidden within the card in order to escape the locked room!

The first in the Puzzle Card series, this birthday card contains a number of clues required to solve a password to complete the card.

Once the user has solved the clues to identify the password, they must enter it online to see if they are correct.

Note: Require access to the internet in order to enter the password on the Puzzle Card website
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Having grown from live games to play-at-home boxes and books, the escape game juggernaut expands to a new format - the greetings card! Puzzle Card is exactly what it says on the tin: it's a birthday card with a set of puzzles to solve, plus a smallish space for you to write a message to the recipient. The puzzles resolve to a final alphanumeric answer, which can be checked on the company's webpage.
I'm filing this product under play at home games, but it's not really equivalent. This isn't a ga...

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