Pier Pressure: The Divide

By | March 20, 2019

by Pier Pressure (website)

33 Upper North Street, BN1 3FG


2-6 players

60 minutes

Society is divided, and unbalanced, leaving some in a fortunate position and others less so. But why..? Sometimes we’re too quick to judge the lives of others when we don’t know why or how they have ended up on their current path. But what we do know is how to help. And your challenge is to do just that.
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There are all sorts of potential pitfalls involved in attempting to build an escape room that addresses serious social issues - in this case inequality and homelessness. Being designed as entertainment, a game could easily come across as mocking, patronising, dull and worthy, or simply ill-judged. It is to TimeTrap's credit that they've managed to avoid all these and build an excellent escape room that conveys a serious message without lecturing or undermining players' enjoyment.
The Divide is ...
An impressive achievement: exposing players to the bitter realities of homelessness, treating that subject matter incredibly sensitively, giving positive messages about how society can help and still managing to make what was a thoroughly enjoyable game. A game that you should play if you ever get the chance.

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