London Escaped Ltd: The Prisoner

By | March 20, 2019

by London Escaped Ltd (website)

101 Commercial Road, E1 1RD

East London

3-10 players

60 minutes

The Prisoner known as The Bloody Elbow. It is the time of the Holy Medieval Inquisition around the 14th century. You have all been accused of witchcraft and imprisoned awaiting your death by the hands of a executioner nicknamed “Bloody Elbow”. He is infamous for his love of using horrifying torture to obtain confession of your crimes, this often lead to a slow and agonising death if you were lucky, "Bloody Elbow" has left you for a rest between the bouts of torture, this is your chance, you have 60 minutes to escape your hideous dungeon and change your fate forever.
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Whitechapel seems to be the place to be in London this year, at least for escaping, with three companies opening new games in the area in a short space of time. London Escaped have launched with two games, both using Russian-made room designs that also exist in Los Angeles and have attracted praise there for their high quality sets and physical puzzle mechanisms. (This game, The Prisoner, is known there as Bloody Elbow.)
Initial impressions on arrival at the venue were mixed. Their lobby area b...
A game that never really reached its potential. Frustrating puzzles, compounded by disappointing GMing, robbed the room of the excitement that some aspects of the rooms hinted it would offer.
We have been imprisoned in the 14th century and will be brutally tortured if we don't escape in time.
Well, what can we say here. We arrived at the venue and there were about 5 staff in reception plus another member of staff ready to take us to our room. In another area, more staff going about their business. That’s good, we thought, they have 7 games so there should be enough people here to be reviewing each game even if they’re all on at the same time. We locked up our coats and bags and got ready to go in.

A good looking room, a technical issue meant the room had to be reset part way through the game for us, without that my score would have been higher. Still, some good puzzles and a good looking room that I enjoyed. 

Bloody Elbow was a fun adventure. We recommend it for experienced players. It looked fantastic. However, a communicative audio track combined with a set lean on feedback made portions of the game difficult to follow. QUEST ROOM played a little looser with force and safety than we’d prefer… but through this Bloody Elbow instilled an urgency of escape.

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