The Escape Rooms: Torture Corp (co-op mode)

By | March 20, 2019

by The Escape Rooms (website)

High St, NP20 1GG


8-12 players

60 minutes

An alternative game style to Torture Corp, Newport's first Escape Room, co-op Mode is ideal for larger group parties or team-building as it allows 8-12 players to play at the same time. You will begin the game divided into two rooms, each room contains key information that will be needed in the other so in co-op mode communication is vital if you want to stand a chance of getting out of there and you're going to have to work together. Be warned, once you enter you may be in for a few nasty surprises. But don't worry, we'll look after you, it's "only a game" after all. Good luck... or is it Goodbye...? NOTE: Those of a sensitive disposition may find some room content distressing. Torture Corp has a horror theme with a sense of threat throughout. This room has an advisory age restriction of 12+ and may not be suitable for younger players. Players between the ages of 12-14 must have an adult present when playing. Players who wish to leave the game once it has started may not be readmitted.
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