Trapped In: Time Machine

By | March 20, 2019

by Trapped In (website)

Carne House, 16 Parsons Lane, BL9 0JT


2-6 players

60 minutes

Mad professor Elias Ivarsson from Sweden has been creating the world’s first inter dimensional time machine, capable of travelling to any place or time in a matter of seconds, and now he thinks he’s had a breakthrough and created a working prototype. You and your team are responding to a newspaper advert recruiting guinea pigs to test his creation. The risks are clear, but Elias assures you that everything is safe as long as you’re not away for more than 60 minutes as power reserves are limited. Climb aboard his marvellous creation and prepare to become a part of history as you are the first humans to travel in space and time. Choose your time and place and go explore, but make sure you’re back before the power is exhausted.
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Having time to play only three of the six games on offer at Trapped In Bury, Time Machine was the one I picked more or less at random to complete our schedule, based mainly on it sounding like a theme with potential to be interesting. In fact, it turned out to be a remarkably cheeky bait-and-switch, where although you start and end the game in your time machine, the bulk of the game uses a completely different style of decoration. That might be disappointing to players who'd come for something s...
Outside the room It just so happens that one of my fellow escapers from London grew up in Bury, not very far away from where my parents live, so when Trapped In opened, it didn't take me long to suggest a meetup. This being a fellow escape addict, it wasn't long before playing one room had become playing
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