Red House Mysteries: The Shadow Darkens

By | March 20, 2019

by Red House Mysteries Exeter (website)

King Street, EX1 1BQ


2-6 players

60 minutes

Jack Armstrong - the world's most unfortunate detective - is relying on you to clear his good name. In a world steeped in drama and intrigue, in an office full of codes and puzzles lies a sinister tale of betrayal and danger. Sharpen your wits and steel your senses, enter the world of 1940s film noir and solve the mystery to escape!
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The Shadow Darkens is a sequel and replacement for Red House's earlier game, The Scarlet Shadow. Both follow the adventures and tribulations of their noir detective Jack Armstrong, and a certain magical mask. The earlier game had you searching Jack's office to rescue him after he'd been kidnapping; this one has you searching Jack's office to clear his name after he's been framed.
It's not only the premise that's similar. On entering the room we found it so familiar we briefly worried we'd booke...
A very traditional room which suffered from the usual GM issues and some potentially glitchy tech. We completed in 25 minutes even after being slowed down by issues
While there was nothing wrong with The Shadow Darkens, there wasn’t a lot about it that stood out either. Compared to Red House Mysteries’ current other game, it felt a bit of a let-down.

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