Escapologic: Reactorvate

By | March 20, 2019

by Escapologic Leicester (website)

2B St. Martins, LE1 5DB


2-5 players

60 minutes

Your Great Uncle was once a leading scientist known for developing state of the art nuclear technology. In central Europe, during the late 1970’s, one of his experimental reactors went into meltdown as soon as it was activated, causing one of the most catastrophic disasters in modern history.
The government blamed him for the event, stating that his reactors were not safe to begin with, he was imprisoned for life and remains locked up to this day.
After receiving a letter from prison you have reason to believe he was framed by a fellow scientist and that the original reactor was tampered with.
Your only option is to break into an abandoned power plant located in rural Russia, find a second inactive reactor and start it up. If it is fully functional then you may just have the evidence to free an innocent man. If your Great Uncle is lying, then you may need to run for your life!
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Reactorvate eschews the obvious plot for a game set in a nuclear power station in favour of a more complicated premise: your great uncle was blamed for a catastrophic meltdown, and your aim is to sneak into the abandoned station, find data to clear his name, and get out before you’re caught.
This game’s most controversial decision is that one sequence leaves you in more or less total darkness. That initially seemed like a terrible idea, reducing us to fumbling our way around a large and complic...
My favourite games are those that completely immerse you in the world around you, particularly by forcing players to perform “real-world” tasks, and make you feel as though you are the star of your own film. Reactorvate did this, and more, and has firmly embedded itself in my mind as my favourite game at Escapologic’s Leicester branch (so far, at least).
This isn’t an escape room – it’s a nuclear reactor simulator! A really great fun room with lots of dramatic moments.
This is my favourite of the 4 games at Escapologic Leicester. It doesn't feel like an escape rooms but it has all the joys of one. If you only have time to play one game, this would be my top choice if you aren't worried about a high level of difficulty. A must play.
Escapologic had us breaking into an abandoned nuclear power station and starting up the reactor in order to clear our great-uncle's sullied name... All in a day's work!

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