Unlock!: Secret Adventures: The Adventurers of Oz

By | March 20, 2019

by Unlock! (website)

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Dan Mircea Suciu experienced rated this:Rated between 45 and 45 out of 5

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The Unlock! series of escape games is now up to nine games, with another three about to be released, plus various mini demo games. In Europe the main games are sold as boxed sets of three, and in each such set I've found the third game in the box to be the most complex, interesting and successful. That goes double for their Oz game, which I found hands down the most satisfying and well-rounded game they've produced yet.
This game is of course based on the Wizard of Oz - specifically, on the L. ...
Space Cowboys really outdid themselves in The Adventures of Oz, one of the Unlock! series’ latest installments. As implied by the name, this episode took us on the adventures of Dorothy and Toto. It told the story and presented puzzles.
We’re off to see the Wizard in a wonderful adventure that left us shouting, “There’s no place like home game! There’s no place like home game! There’s no place like home game!“
Click your heels three times and be whisked away to Oz in this challenging and engaging tabletop adventure
A really well designed game that has some really unique elements compared to other games. Unlock Secret Adventures has something for everyone and would produce several nights of entertainment for any family.

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