ClueQuest: Plan52

By | March 20, 2019

by ClueQuest (website)

Central London

2-6 players

Languages: EN

60 minutes

4 copies

Wheelchair suitable - contact the venue for detailsDeaf friendly - contact the venue for details
PLAN52 is one of our top secret locations from where our spies run their covert operations. However, something terrible has happened: four of our agents who were stationed there have vanished without a trace. We have proof that this was the work of a double agent. Furthermore, Mr Q suspects that the evil Professor BlackSheep helped the double agent to cover his tracks.
It is up to you and your team to investigate this risky matter and learn the identity of the double agent. But be careful, Mr Q has confirmed that the traitor has managed to reset the security device of the facility! From the moment you set foot inside PLAN52 you will have just 60 Minutes to learn who the double agent was and deactivate the device before the entire facility detonates.
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Cluequest is a slick high-capacity operation set up well for the corporate market. But they have a fun tongue-in-cheek style, and they're a good beginner-friendly option.
I enjoyed PLAN52 a great deal. This may be because I played it on a much earlier occasion than Sam, when I'd only done a handful of escape rooms; it's possible it's less impressive to enthusiasts than to beginners. But I like the slightly cartoonish aesthetic and I found all Cluequest's rooms challenging and fun.
Their three ...
I'll always have fond memories of my first ever escape game. Yes, an industrial estate wasn't the most impressive setting, but it's not the outside, it's the inside that matters. Great game, easing beginners gently into the genre before exposing them to a host of different puzzles.
We head to King's Cross to work out who's the double agent that's been helping Professor BlackSheep.
β€œI’ve found what looks like a HintHunt rip-off online, shall we try it?” is how I proposed this, our third escape room, to my friends. clueQuest have since relocated twice, are now one of the largest sites in London, if not the country, and widely regarded as one of the best. But when they launched it was with a website that seemed to use the same template as HintHunt’s and we sniggered at the numerous spelling mistakes. We even had to email the owners to get them to let us book a month in advance!

This February, our favourite escape room company clueQuest invited us out to come and experience Plan 52, the first escape room in the current 4 part series of escape rooms.

Good for first-timers, groups with limited experience, or groups who don’t know one another. Good mix of technology, ingenuity, and codes, although a few too many padlocks.

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