Enigma Quests: Million Pound Heist

By | December 1, 2016

London, Nov 2016

Rated between 3.5 and 4 out of 5
Toby says:

In an unusual twist, this room isn’t about escaping as quickly as possible – instead, you’re aiming to escape with as much cash as possible, and the better you do the more you’ll get out with.
There’s maybe an over-reliance on the ‘laminated sheet of A4′ type of clue here, and the scoring mechanism is something you could either like or hate. Personally I found it refreshingly different and enjoyed the room a lot. I also really like Enigma Quests’ style of (almost) zero padlock room designs. 4 / 5
Sam says:

Overall I very much enjoyed this room. They’ve got entirely physical puzzles – there isn’t a number code in the room, which really showed a care to construction (one particular physical puzzle had me completely stumped until someone pointed it out). An excellent blend of mental, physical and skill puzzles.
The theme and decor weren’t particularly original (maybe the 4th “heist” themed room I’ve done”, and as mentioned above they could do with fewer free floating sheets of paper (not much work to change / improve). I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners but is a great challenge for anyone who’s done a room or two before. 4 / 5
Eda rated this:4 / 5
Pris rated this:3.5 / 5

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